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and the illustrator keen to help

Ada joined the civilian volunteer group tasked with aiding refugees upon arrival in Romania, yet the variety of cases brought to surface circumstances where financial help was necessary but not available. This is a fundraising project born out of the wish to support refugees further.  All profit generated by the sale of stickers has been used to aid those fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Girl with suitcase.png

Fetiţa cu valiză

A sticker inspired by the famous photograph shot by Alexandru Culac at Sighetu Marmației border crossing. A little girl pulling a suitcase as she flees war.

Українські діти, ви вчите нас стійкості.

Ukrainian children.jpg
Ukrainian girl.png


Considering history and the assimilation aspect of war that results in destruction of cultural heritage, a sticker depicting a part of the Ukrainian national attire, the flower wreath, seemed a most appropriate choice. 

Українські матусі, ви вчите нас сили.

Ukrainian mothers.jpg

Pysanky off!

In Orthodox Christianity, Easter is celebrated with boiled eggs which are decorated in great detail with the help of a wax pen and overlapping, repeated dyeing (known in Ukraine as Pysanky). At the table, everyone partakes in the egg tapping game where one egg will crack another till there is only one left standing. The rhyme is a slight variation of the words usually said during egg tapping and was provided by Ukrainians which did not flee and were going to spend Easter home in spite of the attacks.

Українські чоловіки, ви вчите нас мужності.

Ukrainian husbands.jpg

Петриківський розпис
& Borscht

Ukrainian soup, Borscht, served in a plate with Petrykivka painting on a sticker.

Українські бабусі, ви вчите нас винахідливості.

Ukrainian grandmothers.jpg

Every drone meets its maker

One of the stories encountered while helping refugees was that of a granny which downed a drone with a jar of pickles. This tale became popular with the Romanian volunteers since having pickle loving, strong and fiery grandmothers is a culturally shared aspect.

Sunflower seeds

A lot of moving and surprising videos circulated during the first days of the invasion. Perhaps one of the most touching is that of a brave Ukrainian lady urging Russian soldiers to put sunflower seeds in their pockets. Her courage became a symbol of resistance and was more than worthy of a sticker.   

sunflower seeds.png
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