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Ada Neguţ - Illustration





Ada is a neurodivergent illustrator who creates vibrant and witty work by collating analog mark making with digital drawing. Her style is defined by dynamic compositions and draws inspiration from Fauvism where saturated colours and bold textures are key, those elements are accompanied by linear patterns or Eastern European motifs.

 Her creative education commenced in Romania at the age of 7 with fine art as the main focus. This was followed by enrollment into a vocational highschool where after alternating between several majors and a gap year, graduated with a specialization in textile printing and pattern creation. The gap year was spent in the UK on the Art & Design Pre-Foundation course at Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts. She later returned to the UK to pursue a BA at Camberwell and graduated from the University of the Arts London with an Illustration Degree.

She considers having a novelty seeking personality her best asset since this curious nature opens an ocean of inspiration packed with outside of the box ideas while also providing great joy during the research and development phase of a project. This love for learning also means that, while illustrating, Ada's favourite background track is a language learning podcast.

During spare time she takes interest in philosophy, sociology, science & technology in anticipation of moments when having a deeper understanding of the world, its history and direction will help her provide clients with even better creative solutions. 



For commissions and collaborations or just to simply say hi, please email

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